UBS Designs, Engineers, Erects, and Dismantles Hoisting, Scaffolding, and Protection Systems.


UBS’ engineering ingenuity first revolutionized the way buildings were hoisted in the 1980’s, when UBS introduced a patented Aluminum Backstructure System that allowed multiple hoists to be clustered in one location thereby improving cost, efficiency and constructability for the overall project. This cutting edge technology became the standard by which all future high rise buildings in N.Y.C. relied upon. Twenty years later UBS introduced the next generation of hoisting system, technologically superior by allowing approximately 90% of the installation to be performed at ground level, greatly reducing worker's “time in the tower at height” risk. >


UBS_ScaffoldingUBS scaffolding systems have been well recognized for engineering excellence and a unique aluminum frame access system used for challenging projects all over the country. Entrusted to provide custom design solutions for both interior and exterior scaffolding for iconic public destinations like the The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Washington Monument, and The Jefferson Memorial, UBS consistently works to ensure safe access for both the workers and the public throughout construction. >

Protections Systems including our Patented Cocoon System

UBS_ProtectionOur innovative engineering solutions have allowed UBS the ability to provide protection systems of virtually every kind from high capacity sidewalk shed and vertical perimeter protection systems to custom horizontal netting systems. The UBS Cocoon is a patented protection system, designed to protect the leading edge of floors under construction. Working closely with major contractors in the New York area, where typical concrete construction follows a two-day pour cycle (a new floor is poured every second day), the system was developed and refined to maintain the aggressive construction schedule. The UBS Cocoon has enabled projects to be built faster and more economically than ever before, while ensuring a safer working environment, both for those working on a project, and pedestrians around it. >