Setback Towers and Back Structures

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

A building’s design and geometry can be challenging for providing efficient hoist installation locations. To meet those challenges UBS can provide back structures and setback towers that allow the placement of hoists at on-site loations best suited for truck access, material, and manpower while providing access to all floor levels. This can be accomplished regardless of changing building profiles or building setbacks on upper floors. 

In the case of One Wall Street, UBS was able to erect a large setback structure on the upper floors of the building through the use of transfer steel on the upper setback. Setback structures help maintain an efficient contruction schedule under many varying conditions including tight footprints with space restrictions. In this case it was necessary to get the hoist setback tower off the street to maintain an open lane for fire trucks.

Back Structures Maximize Access

Setback Tower at One Wall Street