The UBS Partnership Program

The UBS Partnership Program gives you the ability to rent our state-of-the-art equipment and gain access to expert consulting and support from project conception to assembly training.

Throughout its nine decades in business, UBS has earned a reputation as an expert hoisting, access, and protection system company in the Northeast. A trusted and experienced supplier to the construction industry since 1931, UBS is known for its innovative engineering, design, and inventory of high-speed hoists, aluminum access equipment, and the latest patented protection systems. UBS has participated in some of the most prestigious and challenging construction and restoration projects, which has led to years of capital investment in one-of-a-kind solutions.

With a track record of engineering custom solutions for complex building projects, UBS is introducing a new and unique service called the UBS Partnership Program. We call it a “Partnership” because it gives you the ability to rent our state-of-art inventory of equipment and gain access to expert consulting and support from project conception, estimating assistance, engineering, and assembly training.

UBS can engineer and rent your firm any Common Platform hoist, setback tower, scaffold, and access solution needed. By plugging into the UBS Partnership Program your company will be able to expand its competitive capabilities to win more contracts for complex building projects.

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The UBS Partnership Program Includes Expert Consulting Advice

There are few individuals in the construction industry who can innovate creative solutions for complex new construction projects, while simultaneously prioritizing crew safety and construction efficiency. And few who have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting America’s treasured religious, cultural, and commercial structures while they undergo painstaking restoration and renovation. John Curry is one of these individuals.

With over 35 years of experience, John brings a unique perspective to the most challenging projects—harnessing the skills and ingenuity of the UBS team to tailor hoisting, scaffolding, and protection solutions to the individual complexities of each project. John uniquely understands the needs and concerns of all the participants in the building process from architects, general contractors, subcontractors to city agencies to the workers in the field. John has held positions from Journeyman to Foreman to General Foreman to Operations Manager and is a Certified Rigging Instructor, supervising projects from inception to completion. Call today to gain access to UBS’s unique equipment rental program and the ingenuity and support that will win you more projects.

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