The UBS Team

Multi-disciplinary Expertise

UBS partner program capabilitiesThere are few companies in the construction industry who can innovate creative solutions for complex new construction projects, while simultaneously prioritizing crew safety and construction efficiency. UBS is one of those companies and we credit our success to the expert team we have built.

We have prioritized investments in technology and our personnel, resulting in a full-service company uniquely trained to understand the needs of all the participants in the building process from architects, general contractors, subcontractors to city agencies, to the workers in the field.  

When participating in the UBS Partnership Program you’ll gain access to our in-house team that can provide a wide array of multi-disciplinary expertise from drafting, engineering, estimating, fabrication, carpentry, back office support, project management, training, and consulting which enables us to provide a wide array of service offerings customized to any construction project need.

 UBS partner program team