The Common Platform Solution

UBS Partnership AOL BuildingAn Innovative Hoisting Solution

At the time of construction, the AOL-Time Warner Building was the largest hoisting project ever executed in NY. The design of the building and the corresponding setbacks required an innovative hoisting solution that had never been done before. Each of the 750’ tall twin towers were serviced by four custom built extended cab personnel/material hoists and multiple UBS material-only hoists, located around a common platform at each floor. Executed within the crowded confines of Columbus Circle in NYC, 90% of the hoist installation was performed at ground level and then “picked” up by crane and installed. It was an innovative first, greatly reducing worker’s “time in the tower at height” risk. Long span bridges were designed for a live load capacity of l00psf and lifted in position with a crane. The total length of the runway at the 55th floor was over 100’ for the south tower and over 70’ for the north tower.

6-Car Common Platform System at City View Hoyt Project

6-Car Common Platform System|article/details/299/partnership-program