Case Study: Boston Garden Office Tower

Common Platform-Setback Tower Reduces Materials and Personnel Transfer Time

Bowline Hoisting utilized the UBS Partnership Program to engineer and implement a common platform solution with 8’ wide x 26’ long runway towers on the even floors to accommodate the changing building facade. The common platform was sized and engineered along with two Bowline hoist cars to deliver the 14’ curtain wall panels directly from the ground floor to their designated installation floors, eliminating the need for two additional hoist cars and operating engineers from the setback on the 8th floor through the 31st floor. UBS and Bowline have maximized the flow of manpower and material to the floors they are needed on, while reducing overall hoisting cost.

Project specifics:

The common platform pod gets assembled at ground level increasing safety by reducing the amount of time men spend erecting the common platform at elevated heights.
Once assembled the crane lifts the two floor pod to the top of the common platform where it is connected and tied to the building.
Two Bowline hoist cars operate off the Common Platform.
Crew of 4 with no previous hoisting experience trained on the job with UBS consultant John Curry supervising.
• Estimated to save 4 months on project schedule.

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