UBS designs and engineers solutions that allow the trades safe access to buildings and structures in all sectors

Government and Public Sector Projects

UBS has been entrusted with some of the most iconic and famous renovations in history, each requiring exceptional ingenuity and innovation. UBS ensured that the protection and access to these great monuments remained safe and secure throughout construction.

Commercial and Residential Projects

These buildings changed the silohouettes of some of the most famous skylines in the world. They were also located in the busiest sections of each city, which demanded 100% safety and access for the trades and the population that went about their day in the shadows of these construction sites.

  • The Westin Hotel
  • 277 Park Avenue
  • 388 Greenwich Street
  • 440 West 42nd Street

Healthcare Projects

Healthcare Facilities are a community's most important resource because they care for and heal patients of all ages and vulnerabilities. UBS has the experience needed to meet unique access challenges and compliance issues related to healthcare construction projects.

  • NYPH-Weill Cornell Medical Center
  • NYPH-Weill Greenberg Center
  • Westchester Medical Center

Industrial Projects and Civil Projects

These typically high-profile projects are critical to the infrastructure of a city and its quality of life, thereby demanding management of complex logistics and public responsibility.

Places of Worship

UBS ensures that structures built for devotion, congregation, and religious study are handled with the highest level of respect and sensitivity that they deserve.